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Diamond In The Sun

This photograph shows two pink grapefruits (Ci...

A Knottsdale Experience

Using the collective word we has unpredictable consequences. Personal experience tells me so.

Take a grapefruit tree, for example, and watch the golden orbs dance in the breezes outside the window, as they have since the bees first visited the dainty perfumed blossoms months ago. From blossom to firm green marbles; then, to tennis-ball size and beyond baseball-size, and finally to grapefruit-size when the green yields to a wash of yellow, they hang on. When yellow happens, it is safe to assume that the grapefruit is well on its way to a breakfast table somewhere.

Many grapefruits and so much hope for a bounty of sweetness. It is time to watch for the pink blush, faint at first,  then spreading from a hint to rosy perfection. They grow heavier and the boughs hang lower. Soon enough, the sweet fruit ripens.

They are ready to be picked and…

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