A stone's throw from Opinionsville

Current Status:

Behind by two days of Blogging 101 assignments. (I forgive myself due to foreseen circumstances.)

What I did

I reclaimed my now-dead Blogspot title, The Muservation. It was only a stone’s throw away from Opinionsville, and it needed a better home among friendly sorts.

Although I lost the elements of the blog, I still have some of the posts—now deep within downloaded CSS files. Is it worth the trouble to resurrect them? Perhaps, but not now because I aim to fulfill my mission to complete the Blogging 101 course. It hardly makes sense to become embroiled in file–finding at this moment.

The concept of The Muservation matches the concepts within my creative mind. I’ll think of it as a recovery process, where the ideas can adhere to the tagline that came naturally so long ago.

Whew! It’s a bit dusty at the Muservation. With the Blogging 101 wind at my back, the dust should clear in time.

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