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Confidence on the Wane Three fiction novels in backlog steadfastly resisted attempts to: 1) edit them myself; or, 2) hand them over to a contact who has a sterling reputation in editing technical documents, who declined to venture into editing fiction. Defeat as an Option The novels’ author has his own unwavering voice, inflections, and …

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Problem Sooner or later, critical information about one’s Internet presence disperses. Yes! It does. When that happens, it is easy to surmise that it is time to give it all up and go outside to soak up some sun. Opportunity Right about then, something unexpected comes along and makes it apparent that there is still …

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Peter C. Bradbury's Blog

Author relating news of his books and general musings.

First 50 Words - Prompts for Writing Practice

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The Ninth Life

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Searching for Infinity within the Void: A Spiritual Adventure

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Sofia Wisdom of the Ages

Sofia was the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. What wisdom does life hold in today's modern times?

Apparently Anna Has Some Explaining to do

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